The pendulum as a method of fortune telling

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El péndulo como método de adivinación - pendulum

The pendulum is another method of fortune telling that allows us to be in touch with our own intuition. It is another way of finding answers to questions of interest to us. Before we can develop this procedure, it is very important to clean our pendulum. We will describe the cleaning and fortune telling method below.

Cleaning method of the pendulum:

As with tarot cards, it is necessary to clean the energy of the pendulum in order to keep it in good condition when using it. It is recommended to clean it at least once a month. To carry out this process we will take the vibrational energy of the four elements:

  • Earth: The first thing we have to do is place our pendulum in a container with soil or thick salt. If they have a garden they can bury it right there. They should leave it a whole day underground. This serves so that the soil can absorb any type of negative energy that is contained in the pendulum.
  • Water: The second step is to place our pendulum in a glass with water. It is important that the water has been energized before. To do this, we have to submerge a glass or we can also place symbols around the container. In this way, our glass will take all the positive energy that this element has to give you.
  • Air: For the third step, we must buy holy stick or sandalwood incense and light it in our home. Then we will have to pass the pendulum three times on the smoke. In this way, they release the bad energies that are contained.
  • Fire: The last step will be to leave our pendulum in a place that can receive sunlight. It is important that this process be from early morning, until sunset.

Method of fortune telling with the pendulum:

Let’s start by saying that the pendulum serves to give us a response of “yes,” “no,” “there is no clear answer.” If we need in-depth information about what we are consulting, another procedure is recommended.

  • The first thing we have to make sure is to clean the environment where we are going to make the query. It is important that the room in which we find ourselves has good energy and that we can be calm and without interruptions.
  • Second, we must have a violet cloth on which we are going to make the query. We put it on the table, along with the pendulum. We sit at the table with our back straight and without crossing arms and legs.
  • Then let’s hold the pendulum with our right hand. It is important that it is aligned with the sixth chakra, better known as the third eye. In this way, we will be aligning with our perception.
  • Once we have completed all the previous steps we can begin to consult. The answers can be identified as follows: When the answer is “yes” it is because the pendulum swings back and forth, in a straight line. If the pendulum oscillates from left to right or from right to left then the answer is “no”. Finally, if the pendulum begins to rotate in circles or if it remains static generating a vibration is because there is no clear answer.


This technique of fortune telling is based on the fact that each living being possesses a particular magnetism. This vibration can be perceived through an object, in this case, the pendulum. It is important to keep calm when asking, since we should not condition the energy of the answer. It is best to buy a pendulum made of a stone that we feel helps us sharpen our intuition.

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