sidebar_libraPlanet: Venus
Element: Air
Stones: Jade. Lapis Lazuli
Metal: Copper
Color: Pink
Numbers: 6, 9
Day: Friday
Compatible signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius
Sin: Lust


How is Libra?

Undecided. They report well before giving their opinion. Mediator and diplomat. They like to look good physically. Sociable and charismatic. Sweet personality. Humorist. Balance is the basis of your life. Astute. Tender. A little slow when it comes to tasks. Strong temperament.


Those born between September 23 and October 22 have Libra, the most balanced of the zodiac, as a sign. It is without a doubt the sign of harmony and justice.


The Libra sign usually focuses on quality rather than quantity. It is a sign of strong character, who often hide their pain and disappointment to always show a dignified and appeased appearance, you will never see them drag in their pain, they prefer to carry the procession inside.

They are always looking for harmony, and they often come out of any uncomfortable situation with intelligence. Their attractiveness and sociability helps him advance through their life by successfully interacting with his environment, which has a favorable impact on all its vital facets. The sign Libra seeks a sense of justice and tries to do it with elegance and diplomacy, but they can also use it to get away with their own, and loose equity. They are extremely intelligent, and at the same time incredibly naive and credulous.


They were born to live in company, they do not like loneliness at all, and their qualities are ideal for starting sentimental or loving relationships easily. They are in love with love, and for that reason they usually seek a couple at a very young age. They enjoy sex and are patient for that. They like to explore their partner’s body and everything that includes the previous one. They consider it an insult to take sex as a process.

They like to provoke, show themselves and have no problem in doing so. They know themselves very well sexually. They do not like roughness, prefer softness and romanticism in bed.

Money and Job

Libra will give the best of you in any workplace. Thanks to his high state of motivation and being willing to help the other, they are good mediators. Perfectionists and sociable, they are perfect “presenters” of people: never missing contacts.

While they are highly competitive, their patience helps them to realize the success of what is proposed, whether in the medium or long term, having a lot of push in the monetary level. Professions that fit a born under this sign could be advocacy, diplomat, politician, or judges.

Libra will never be sees out of control, because they were born to balance the rest of the zodiac, say they will do it in self-defense, they do not allow the imbalance because it would expose them; In short, Libra lives in a constant deep breathing, everything is right in its inner world, and therefore will be concerned because its environment is in tune with it.


The pound sign has the weak point of the kidneys. They should drink plenty of fluids because their main enemies are cystitis, kidney stones, kidney failure, etc. They usually have good health but tend to make a drama of the small causing more of a headache.