Predictions for the eclipse of the 26 of February of 2017

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The solar eclipse is a phenomenon produced from the alignment between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. In this case, the moon covers or hides the sunlight. An eclipse can be partial, total or annular and its visibility depends directly on the point of observation (where we are located at that moment). In Latin America, the greatest visibility of this phenomenon can be observed in the province of Chubut, in Argentina and in Aysén in Chile.
This solar eclipse of February 26, 2017, will be annular. This means that, our natural satellite, appears to have a diameter a little smaller than the sun, and therefore can be seen a ring of light around the moon.

Its effect on the zodiac:

If we look at the map of the planets and their position, we can see that the sun is in Pisces. This means that the solar eclipse will especially affect the natives of this sign. It is important that you take these days as calmly as possible as you will feel a lot of tiredness and exhaustion.
From a symbolic point of view, it is the sun that gives us energy, it revitalizes us, its light guides us and gives us warmth. While the moon, it represents the night, the hidden, the calm and the dark. The fact that we do not have the sunlight, makes us feel that several elements of our life are absent. You are likely to feel stressed and fatigued, so the best thing you can do is to use this week to be thoughtful.
On the other hand, all the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and of course Pisces) will feel a great change. This twist of fate, presents itself before you so that you can take advantage of it. Be careful though! Throughout the astrological spectrum we can observe that in Aries is: Venus, Uranus and Mars. These planets generate a totally unpredictable link where you will feel tensions in all the areas of your life. It’s time to face many issues that you were leaving under the carpet. Although you must be very cautious in how you deal with these delicate issues, since as Mars is in Aries, any question can produce unpredictable reactions in you.


How to take advantage of solar eclipse sign by sign:

  • Aries: He is one of the most affected. Unexpected situations will appear in front of which, you must take your time to respond. I understand that the nature of Aries (being a fire sign) will always be reactive, but you should take this opportunity to take the time to resolve things. The good news is that nothing can stop you and you can only go forward.
  • Taurus: I understand that you are in a process a bit introspective. Instead of feeling distressed, I recommend you take advantage of it and then go ahead with the things you like. Perhaps it is best that you take these moments to think what you want to do in the future and so, to put all your energy in it when you feel ready.
  • Gemini: You were very hesitant last year and early in this one. You feel in a gray area, in the middle of your twin power, without the ability to apply the energy you carry inside. The eclipse will push you to make a change.
  • Cancer: As discussed earlier, mutable signs will feel the eclipse intensely. Especially you, whose ruler, the Moon, is “capping” the energy of the sun. It was time for this moment to come for you, as this will be a challenging year. All natives of this sign feel that they are facing challenges that must overcome. Mars and Uranus generate the moments of tension and nerves, so get the best of you to get afloat.
  • Leo: Let’s remember that Leo’s ruler is the Sun and just this solar eclipse “hides” the energy of his star. If you feel listless or frustrated, it is best that you do not get stuck with the phrase “all past time was better”. Build and learn to live the present moment. On the other hand, when you feel lost, you may feel disconnected from your loved ones. Do not get frustrated and try to express to others how you feel.
  • Virgo: This eclipse directly affects your relationships. That’s why be careful how you communicate what bothers you and remember that the people around you are great teachers who come to help you and not harm you.
  • Libra: Your rigidity will not serve you in this case. It is important that you learn to flow with change. Many times you want to have control of the situations and the best thing you can do is to let go and adapt yourself in the best way possible to what is coming.
  • Scorpio: You must continue working on leaving behind fears and resentments. Take it as an opportunity to discover what you feel for the people who are part of your life.
  • Sagittarius: This is another of the mutable signs that are most affected by the eclipse. The changes can be seen in a family environment, although you will also feel that the change happens for you. Take your time to make decisions about it.
  • Capricorn: In Capricorn we have the Moon and Pluto. The fact that both are in Capricorn, makes us draw from the deep, all those questions that represent patterns or confusions. It is time to clarify everything that at first glance is not seen or that we have been charging for some time.
  • Aquarius: It is important to note that at this moment Mercury is in Aquarius. This position, along with the eclipse, represents a moment of action, originality and creativity. You will be very intellectually awake so take advantage of this energy boost to get your most creative side.
  • Pisces: The most affected by this eclipse. This is your opportunity to begin again and transmute the old into the new. I understand that you will feel that you have low energies, so try to relax and you can make the decisions that are necessary the moment you feel energized. Do what you want without influencing the opinion of the rest.


We can say that a lunar eclipse is to analyze our emotions, while the solar, is to analyze our actions and objectives. Having the Sun and Neptune in Pisces and Mars, Uranus and Venus in Aries, there is an obligation to act. For all signs, it represents an energetic explosion. This is our moment of action, the opportunity of a blur and new account.