sidebar_sagitarioPlanet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Stone: Turquoise
Metal: Tin
Color: Purple
Numbers: 3, 5, 7
Day: Thursday
Compatible Signs: Leo, Aries, Libra, Aquarium
Sin: Gluttony

How is Sagittarius?

Positive. Learns fast. It is easily depressed. If you find a passion, you will do your best at it. Creative. You do not like to depend on anyone. Honest. Good people. Cheerful. Mathematical mentality. Bold. Twisted. Rude. With very little tact. Mean.


Those born between November 22 to December 21 are Sagittarians; one of the main characteristics of this sign is undoubtedly the optimism with which they see life, every situation that is presented, very rarely will be seen with negative attitude.


They consider that life was made to enjoy it from beginning to end, so they never die because something does not go well, on the contrary, they will seek other goals to achieve and move forward, because that’s what is about.

For the natives of this sign life is a great party where they will always wear the dress of honesty, because that they have, they are unable to lie, to deceive their fellow men, they prefer to always say the truth no matter how hard this one is.

As they always walk in a constant party, you will also see him wearing the costume of simplicity; has the power to make them trust them, because they have a gift to listen and give advice, that’s why some end up pursuing careers such as psychoanalysis or psychology.

Having a sagittarius as a friend, as a son, husband or coworker is to have the guarantee of being in constant movement, as it is a literally restless sign, need to be from one side to another, if you force him to stay in one place is likely that you lose it in the arms of Morpheus; so be part of his recurrent restlessness for lively adventures loaded with unforgettable moments.


Another of the characteristics that define our friends of Sagittarius is that they are hard-pressed lovers, in fact their philosophy of life is focused on love, for them this really is the force that moves the world; because his greatest desire is to live a love story like in the movies, with a happy ending that lasts forever.

Money and work

When it comes to acting or making certain decisions, they take time to reach terms that do not affect him or the people around him, because they have the intelligence, the wisdom at their fingertips.

They have a totally open mind, for something they are called the sign of the broadest mind, the most developed knowledge, the right decisions, to close, it is a sign that has everything to succeed in life, to be good companions, to live life without having to look back, without regrets.


This sign governs the hip, lower back, liver and coccyx. Sciatica, hip fractures can happened any time. They should play sports with caution and care. In addition they will have to moderate the ingestion of fat and alcohol.