The Star of the Full Moons: Super Blue Blood Moon in Leo

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The Star of the Full Moons - Mystic Attitude

You probably think: “another absurd way of wanting to draw attention to insignificant astronomical events”, and maybe it is, but hey! Is not it in tune with the energy of this full moon in Leo? Without despising the children of the Sun, nor their merits, which are many.

We all know how they love being the center of attention. As their ruling planet is none other than the Big Astro, the Sun, they can easily organize around themselves a party, a meeting, a moment of energetic and creative exchange where, thanks to their natural charisma and histrionics, they can gracefully be distinguished by their shine, at the same time that they skillfully manage the energy of the moment, in the best of cases, or even if they make us all spend a good time.

And it seems that in the case of this full moon, it really succeeded! On Wednesday 31st, 13:28 UT, it will be an event: to start it will be the second full moon in the month of January, that is why it is called Blue Moon. The Blue Moons happen every two and a half years, on average.

Also, when the Full or New Moon occurs at the same time as the Moon’s closest approach to Earth, as it will be this day is called: Super Moon. When this happens, the Moon may appear large and brighter when the Moon is less than 90% of its maximum approach to Earth in a particular orbit. This is a pretty generous definition that allows 4 to 6 super moons on average per year. The full moons in perigee seem 14% larger and 30% brighter than the full moons that are near the apogee in the lunar orbit.

What makes this Super Moon so special is that it will also have a total lunar eclipse, with a totality visible from western North America through the Pacific to eastern Asia. In certain areas of the world, on January 31, the Moon will lose its brightness and acquire a mysterious glow, weaker than normal, due to the scarce sunlight that crosses the Earth’s atmosphere. Often emitted in a reddish hue due to the way the atmosphere doubles the light, the totally eclipsed moons are sometimes called “Blood Moons” ..

For the accumulation of peculiarities and titles of nobility is that this moon was named something like: “Super Blue Blood Full Moon in Leo.”

But what does this moon tell us?

Normally we say that full moons end what the new moons begin. If we look at the period of the last new moon in Capricorn, with 6 planets in this sign and in particular Saturn, its ruler, for the first time in its own sign for 29 years. It speaks of shaping what needs to be manifested, a project, a stage, your own structure. It gives us a lesson in discipline and constant practice, perseverance, and the sustained effort of the goat climbing the mountain, which will later make us true masters of the heights, and give us a broader view of the landscape. What will happen when the goat is up there, in its moment of fullness? For it will become a lion in front of the full moon and there will roar its truth.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign; therefore, it impels us to action. With Venus, Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn, we can assume that the spirit of this lunation is to activate and take charge. Saturn often makes us too aware of our limitations, that is why the Full Moon in Leo comes to show us that our creativity, that which makes us unique, is a source of energy to benefit the community and to take charge of the problems that afflict us and solve them.

Being ourselves is our responsibility, there is no one who can do that for us. As living beings, from the anatomical point of view, vertebrates and bipeds that we are, we must, at least sustain our Center, not abandon it, not drop it, not charge it to anyone else. We must inhabit our center, axis of our movements, our Chi, vital energy, from which we can act more efficiently.

This lunation challenges our maturity: both signs Capricorn and Leo differ strongly from Cancer and both seek independence and the evolution of their individuality. They no longer resign themselves to being the natural result of a family, but to make their own way. How can I use my creativity and self expression to sustain myself, value myself and change what is not functional? What do I need to change from my daily life in order to be more and more myself? In the case of the artist, what is the percentage of hard work and what is the inspiration? I am waiting for my time to shine or am I working every day so that when the inspiration comes I am trained?

How does the Moon gets along with Leo?

You could say that the Moon-Cancer, and the Sun-Leo are intimately linked. Although they are not opposite energies, if they represent in a chart to the Mother and the Father. Our configuration family-individual, first-name and other associations. But is the Moon really at ease in this sign? Well, no, the truth is that it is a very uncomfortable place for the Ego.

The moon in natal Leo is emotionally proud, generous, confident, domineering, playful, needs to feel special and does not like to be ignored or despised. At the same time, those who have the moon in their natal home usually take refuge in the admiration and appreciation of nearby people, becoming the animators of parties and family gatherings, but find it hard to take their talent to the outside world. They can be quite susceptible and feel hurt or threatened in front of any external agent that threatens their territorial domain, since they are not expansive, they fear invasions. The small gestures and recognitions are enough to return to feel the kings of the house, and as such are generous, good hosts and have an impeccable taste.

Who can feel identified with this energy?

If we have a lot of planets in Leo, or in House V, they can also get this energy. Those people whose Sun is intercepted by the Moon, or who is in House IV. Or whose moon is in House V, or the Sun in Cancer, they also have somehow linked these energies, although not always manifested in the same way.

Other aspects that may be affected by this transit

If we have planets or key points (Ascending / Descending) around the 12th degrees of Leo-Aquarius, or another of the fixed signs, Taurus or Scorpio.

Questions to meditate with these aspects:

What is the link between your mother and your father? Did you take a stand or are you identified with any of them? Did you inherit conflicts between them that you see repeated in your own links?
How do your self-expression relate to your emotional state?
Do you give enough importance to your affections?
What energy do you think reigns in your home and in your affective life?
Do you feel valued in your home?
Do you feel satisfied with your recognition and self-expression needs?
Are you creative enough?
How dissociated are your “faces” in privacy and abroad?
Do you go deep into your feelings or do you stay on the superficial and appearances?
At what moments do you feel your pride hurts? At what times do you feel your chest swollen and you feel appreciated? How dependent are you on these emotions?
Do you feel safe with yourself, do you love what you are? At what moments do you seek to be someone else?

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