The meaning of dreams

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The meaning of dreams - Mystic Attitude

Psychoanalytic Approach

Absolutely everything that we live during the day is engraved in our memory. While many experiences that happen to us are fully aware, at the same time there are many other things happening around, that at first glance we do not record, but they are recorded somewhere in our mind. They can be words, images, feelings, emotions … they are stored in our unconscious.

Sigmund Freud showed that humans cannot control their own mind. In addition, when you sleep you have the limitation of being resting and not being able to access what you want. That is, you cannot go to a certain place or talk to that person since you are sleeping, therefore you allow yourself to play with those images and fantasies.

Through dreams, we can communicate everything that the conscious mind cannot accept. Desires that do not want to be recognized usually appear in dreams. Of course, to allow himself to express those ideas, the person will be in charge of disguising them. That is why they occur in illogical situations, without meaning, mixing sensations with people who have little to do.

And if it is about disguises … there are unique issues of each one who dreams, that if you take the time to think about that dream and articulate it with your memories and with what happens to you, you will be able to find answers. Undoubtedly, among humans there are recurring dreams, where fears common to the human species appear.

The 5 most common dreams


To dream that you are flying is the symbol of freedom. Many associate it with good luck due to having control over gravity, which is to say to rise without the help of a machine. It also represents the desire to transcend the common and inspiration in new ideas or projects.

People who are used to constantly dreaming about flying tend to aim to overcome the obstacles that constantly appear in their lives, which is very positive.

Be naked

Dreaming of being naked has no sexual meaning, but these dreams refer to our personality. According to how we feel to be naked there are different interpretations.

If the dreamer feels uncomfortable or ashamed, they are people who, although they are very perfectionists, are very insecure with themselves. These dreamers feel judged by others. It is also very common in vulnerable people who think they are exposed to being the center of attention but afraid of ridicule.

On the other hand, if during sleep we do not feel restless or ashamed, we can consider ourselves confident, spontaneous, with nothing to hide.


Dreaming of your own death or watching your family members or loved ones die is more frequent than people think.

In general, it is an agonizing dream and an annoying awakening. Dreams with dying do not have to be interpreted as something negative. In general they usually bring meanings of how important that person who dies is for you.


When we dream of a persecution the main meaning is the movement towards something, against something or someone. These dreams are often distressing and usually cause people to wake up agitated.

If we dream that someone is being persecuted by a person or a thing and we are spectators, it is because there is movement around us that we are not aware of. If in the dream we are the ones who persecute something or someone, it is because we feel that we are missing something or that we need support to overcome some situation or reach a goal.


The dreams where we see ourselves falling tend to symbolize the fears of failure, as well as they can announce the direction of our projects.

To dream that we fall, but that we get up immediately is a sign that, despite the adversities we are going to face, we will be able to get ahead in our projects.

The characters of our dreams

Who creates a dream is the author of what is happening despite not being aware, and as director of that work there is something of yourself in each of the characters that appear there. Each of them is a fraction of ourselves.

It is interesting to be able to find the different positions we can have about the same situation, since these are the different voices of ourselves. There will always be voices with which we will identify more, and others that we do not want to recognize but are also part of us.

The desire behind the dream

It is important to understand that sleep is always a job that one does in sleep. One strives to assimilate everything that cannot understand, understand, tolerate … so it is a way to make it possible. Be it somehow crazy, imagined and even impossible.

There is always a desire behind the dream. Being disguised and in form of a metaphor, that desire can be difficult to identify, but it is making itself present there. All dreams have a meaning, and whoever has the key to decipher that enigma is precisely the one who dreamed it.

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