What is the color of each sign?

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What is the color of each sign? - Mystic Attitude


Each color has a particular energy, just like the signs of the zodiac. Colors act on feelings and reason in a varied way. In this opportunity we will see the colors corresponding to each sign. Remember that we are analyzing the colors according to the solar sign. Also note that a single color has a lot of symbolic charge. This means that two signs can have the same color, but in one case as in the other the meaning of color can be totally different since it brings different energies.


The colors of the Aries sign are directly linked to its element, fire. That’s why they are: red, gold and orange. The former favors the passion and energy to carry out all that is desired. In turn, red is directly related to the planet Mars, regent of this sign. Gold is related to gold, the energy of the sun, luxuries, nobility and status. Orange is the color of showiness, sociability and fun. Another color corresponding to the energy of Aries is green or jade green. These colors help you succeed in business and attract money.  


The colors of the sign Taurus are brown and green. The brown helps to generate stability, earth balance and, in turn, provides realism in the person who carries it. Even so, it is one of the colors less valued or appreciated by people. It is linked to earth, element of Taurus, as well as robust materials, cozy places, secret loves, laziness and lack of empathy. The green is related to the planet Venus (ruling planet of the people of Taurus) and provides a natural, comforting and tranquilizing energy. Jade Green will bring you success in business and financial stability, as well as health.


The colors of the Gemini sign are blue, yellow and violet. The first color, favors emotional harmony and spiritual stability. The yellow color represents optimism, fun, understanding, communication, enlightenment and betrayal (very common characteristics of this sign). Violet is the color of transmutation, sorcerers, sensuality and spirituality. The painter Victor Brauner, made a painting illustrating the energy of the sign of the twins. In it, he combined the color violet, blue and orange to represent Gemini. Showing thus the feminine and masculine energy, the transmutation and the magic that exists in this so esoteric sign. Astrologers also link violet to the Gemini sign, because as in the case of Pisces where the image is two fish, here we have two twins. The energy of the blue and the red that come together to bring forth the violet.


The colors of the Cancer sign are black, silver and orange. The first corresponds to power, youth, elegance and duels. This is also the color of change, of death and transmutation. That is why it is common for cancer to live many emotional experiences that allow it to transmute or release their feelings. Silver is the color of the Moon, ruling planet of Cancer. That is why it is no coincidence that astrologers associate this color with this sign. It is the color of the feminine, the distant, the elegance and the modernity. The orange is the color of autumn, the exotic, the aromatic and tasteful. It gives joy and sociability to this sign that is characterized by being introverted and possessing an “emotional shell”. In turn, as is the color linked to the Buddhist religion, it has to do with spiritual transformation.


The colors of the Leo sign correspond to its ruling planet, the sun, and its element, fire. That is why they are yellow, gold, red and orange. While red and orange give strength, passion and vitality, yellow and gold strengthen the ability to earn money and gain professional recognition. At the same time, yellow has to do with lighting, striking, gold, optimism, envy and sensual love (very common characteristics of this sign). Gold is the color of the sun and, therefore, is the color of the people of Leo. This sign can be a sovereign leader, as well as tyrannical, you can worry about your loved ones as well as being the center of the world. That characteristic energy of Leo is shared by gold as color.


The colors of the Virgo sign are brown, gray and green. The first corresponds to an energy that provides stability, caution, realism and organization. Gray corresponds to sobriety, loneliness, reflection, insensitivity and indifference. Characteristics that may arise in someone from Virgo in conflict with another. In turn, it is the color of theory and understanding. Green corresponds to fertility, hope, the sacred and the bourgeoisie. It is no coincidence that this color is directly associated with the Virgo zodiacal house that analyzes the health of the native. Green represents life, health and the natural.


The colors of the sign of Libra are red, white and pink. First, the energy of red in the case of the balance sign corresponds to corrections, justice and planning. In turn, it has to do with activity and dynamism. White is the color preferred by artists because it provides illumination to the work. It is linked with feminine energy, good, perfection, clean and orderly, emptiness and spirits. Pink is the color of love, of the romantic and the sweet. It is no coincidence that this is the perfect color to describe someone from Virgo, a sign whose vital aim is to love and be loved. At the same time it is the color of the courtesy, the tender, the charm, the creativity and the sensitivity, common characteristics in the natives of the sign of the balance.


The colors of the sign of Scorpio are red, black and blue. The first is the color of all passions, lust, sex and strong emotions. It represents both love and hate, as well as luxury and status. It is the color of blood and along with the black, represent danger, forbidden, life and death. The black corresponds to the transmutation, which must die for something new to emerge. It is the color of power and youth. Finally, we have the blue that, with the sign of Scorpio, is linked to eternity and depth.


The colors of the Sagittarius sign are navy blue or dark blue. This color gives sympathy, fidelity, harmony in friendships and confidence in oneself. In turn, it is the color of the distant and the infinite. On the other hand, another color corresponding to the energy of Sagittarius is orange. It is no coincidence that this color is linked to this sign, since it is related to fun, exotic and striking (very common characteristics of native Sagittarians). It is the color of sociability, the unconventional and inadequate.


The colors of the sign of Capricorn are black and violet. The first corresponds to an energy of rectitude, luxury, elegance, negation and, above all, introversion. Capricorns are usually introverts. The black with the violet gives us a mysterious, magical and introverted energy. Astrologers associate black with Saturn, ruling planet of Capricorn. So it is no coincidence that this color is one of the most attractive for this sign. Violet is the color of theology, transmutation, feminism and magic. At the same time, it is the color of vanity and the frivolity characteristic that a Capricorn can possess if he does not know how to balance his emotional energy.


The colors of the sign of Aquarius are black and white. The black color corresponds to the darkest station, corresponding to the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius. To the natives of this sign, black gives them stability, introversion, power and anarchy. That is why it is no accident that the Aquarians are those who break down barriers and social structures. White is the color of accuracy, purity, truth, the absolute, goodness and perfection. Characteristics that most Aquarians reflect in their way of acting in defense of their ideas.


The colors of the sign Pisces are the Blue or Navy blue and the violet. The first color corresponds to spiritual harmony, it is the color of the eternal, of the divine and of peace. The violet is strongly linked to Pisces, a sign as esoteric as this color. It represents the magic, the occult, the energy of the seventh chakra and the power to be one of the most precious colors in history. The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, whose name is associated with the god of the seas. That is why the violet, along with the navy blue, reflect the depths of the ocean and, therefore, the energy of this sign. In turn, Pisces is represented by two fish. This also corresponds to the energy of the violet color that works with blue and red, masculine and feminine energy.

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