6 Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Revive Your Relationship

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6 Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Revive Your Relationship

Feng Shui is an ancient art of Chinese origin, whose main objective is to harmonize spaces to improve our energy day by day. It is important that our home is nourished with Yang energy to balance spiritually and maintain harmony in every room of our home. In this opportunity, we will see 6 Feng Shui tips to attract love. Remember that these tips do not guarantee results.

3 Feng Shui Tips for Single People:

Order and space of the home:

The first tip is to nourish the Yang energy. First of all, you must make a general cleaning. It sounds simple, but it’s a great way to clear your head of everything that you do not need. In order for someone new to arrive to your life, you’ll need of space to share with another. In turn, you need to break free of objects from past relationships or things that are still at home and don’t allow you to move on. So this cleaning will not only be material but also spiritual.

After tidying up and leaving behind the past, you must order the existing and release pent-up energies. For this, it is as simple as opening the windows every morning and light an incense. Finally, you have to become very aware of the images around you at home. For example, if you have pictures with lonely people or to transmit that energy, it is important that you take them and you replace them by images of happy couples. This is a good way to “visualize” your target and surround the house of that energy you want to reach your life.

Activate your peach flower:

This is one of the best known resources for Feng Shui. The first thing to do is to know what animal we are in the Chinese horoscope. If you do not know, you can see the blog article “Chinese Horoscope: Which is my animal and element? Then you will have to understand that each animal represents a different flower. The tiger, the horse and the dog correspond to the flower of the east. The rabbit, the goat and the pig, correspond with the flower of the north. The rat, the dragon and the monkey correspond to the flower of the south. The Buffalo, the snake and the rooster correspond to the flower of the west. This means that we will have to place a vase with flowers in the corresponding spot assigned. We don’t necessarily have to place a bouquet of peach flowers, but the flowers we get should be pink. This will help strengthen your sexuality and magnetism against the opposite sex.

Feng Shui in the bedroom:

This space is one of the most important because it is the place where our body recharges of energies and we share with the other in privacy. That is why it is important that you remove any object that does not correspond to this energy. For example, take office papers, as it has nothing to do with the harmony of your personal space. It is also important that you leave space on your closet for that person’s arrival. That means that even though you still have no partner, you have to leave at least one drawer and an empty shelf, so that the suitor can place their things and be a shared space. Another tip of Feng Shui is that the bedrooms walls have to be painted in colors that give rise to relaxation like a beige, aqua or a light blue. Finally, if you have old sheets, it’s time to change them. Buy new ones of a salmon or pink color to attract the other person.

3 Feng Shui Tips for Couples:

Location of the bedroom and orientation of the bed:

First, the bedroom should be the room farthest from the main door. This helps promote intimacy. On the other hand, it is important that the bed is not in front of a mirror. If you have a mirror that mirrors your bed, it is best to remove it. On the other hand, it is important that the bed has a headboard. This promotes emotional stability in the couple. It is also important that the bed doesn’t look directly to the door of the room, as this generates a strong current Chi energy that is not positive for the couple’s emotional balance.

Decorative objects:

It is important that we include decorative objects that are in pairs. As the Ying needs Yang, you and your partner have to be two energies that need each other. If you have many individual objects that also speak unconsciously of the way you are as a couple, since you are more individualistic than open to sharing. So I recommend you include decorative objects that complement each other, as they represent unity in a relationship made of 2. If these can be red or pink the better! On the other hand, if you can, put orchids in the room. This flower has an energy that helps love and sexual desire.

Colors and fragrances of the room:

It is important that we complement the light of the room with lamps on the nightstand or aromatic candles. In addition to the incense candles, the aromatic candles can also offer an improvement in the energy flow. If your goal is calm and rest, I recommend using lavender and eucalyptus. But if you want to activate the passion, then the best will be sandalwood and cinnamon. With regard to colors, it is best to use warm, but not dark colors. Remember that dark colors like black, promote depression and insomnia. I recommend colors like light orange, or light yellow. Although, there are two colors that you can also use: red and blue. The red will serve to activate the passion and according to Feng Shui, it is important that you have objects of this color in the room. Blue will help you connect in depth with your partner.

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